April 02, 2016

Veiled women supporters of slavery

French Minister Laurence Rossignol criticized the costumes were made in response to Muslim values

Severe reactions increased, in Paris is coming out against Muslims in specific fashion.

Last Wednesday, a French minister to support the mask, wear the hijab, or veil, a woman of the 'negro' (black) competition which "slavery.

Severe reactions on social media the Minister of Family Affairs Lawrence Rossignol France has emerged.

The statement was made after the former big businessman Pierre Berge fashion, which Mr. Berge the designers were criticized for making the costumes and ... and accused of collaboration in making women slaves to their planted.

Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent fashion legend of his time partner Berge had criticized the tendency to put clothes in the markets especially careful.

Renowned Italian designer Dolce & Gabbana fashion chain has followed this trend.

Muslims 'modest' increase in life costumes

Rossignol are also responsible for women's rights. He says that when he's on BFM TV and so the RMC Radio She was speaking at the presentation of the concept of the abolition of slavery, Black people of French philosopher Montesquieu.

Although she sought forgiveness as use of the word, 'negro' but maintained his stance, against the Muslim dress

In addition, two leading French designers Jean-Charles Agnis B and the kyslbjyk also called 'opposed blushing Islamic fashion.

Berge has been added to the I scandal on French radio Europe 1, designers should have nothing to do with Islamic fashion, this rule that they are to help women to be more beautiful and give them freedom who are to implement hateful things and we hide the women and forced them to live a hidden life.

Later she admitted that during the conversation with the news agency that they are mistakes in the use of language, but other than that I do not take back a word.

These costumes are being prepared in view of the Middle East and other Muslim markets

The idea that France is a country in Europe where most Muslims live there and it was passed ban on hijab fashion. He adopted the style while hesitatingly.

France's largest company L V M H Company DKNY was the first to establish a "modest apparel" trend of the markets and the holy month of Ramadan in the Middle East two years ago.

After him was included in the Swedish company H&M and put a veil on Muslim women in their advertising campaign.

UK Marks and Spencer have stepped in and your whole body covering with "Burkina" in which a female Muslim swimwear line store.

Several large fashion companies last summer presented different ways of 'modest dress' during Ramadan.

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