April 08, 2016

Newspapers in Panama when and how did this happen

A year ago, an unknown man approached the newspaper Süddeutsche zeitung of the German newspaper offered to provide internal documents Mossack Fonseca.

The number of documents submitted by the unknown in the coming months, and agreed that the data volume grew and reached 2.6 Terabyte.

This will provide everything that did not receive any financial benefit in return, but ask a few reminders confident about security.

When research first

Süddeutsche zeitung all the data reviewed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, or had decided to take the help of ICIJ that work on The Lakes of noise with the same newspaper, Luxleaks and Swiss Leaks.

Newspapers Panama is a great example of cooperation of this nature globally.

Over the past 12 months have been investigated for their papers to the 100 journalists from 400 media organizations from 80 countries took part.

These include the BBC team, Guardian, French newspaper La blind, Argentine newspaper La nysyun.

The first meeting of the team working on this research in Washington, Munich, London and which was Lillehammer determine the scope of the research.

Data volume

Estimated data volume Panama papers that matter to apply the Wiki Leaks diplomatic cables, offshore cables, Luxleaks, Swiss emails, which is more than many data leaks, PDF files, images and m Mossack Fonseca including the internal database which stretches from 1970 to 2016.

Two years ago, another sell-through data Mossack Fonseca, but they were about 214000 companies to disclose the documents through the papers in Panama but the volume was small.

The investigation resulted in more cars raided the offices near the 100 persons including the Commerzbank.

As a result, Commerzbank, HSBC Bank to pay a fine of two million Euros.

Mechanisms Research

Mossack Fonseca had a company e-mail, contacts, negotiations, contracts and scanned documents in a folder that was made for each shell company.

First researchers helped found the data easier to read files plated earn post secondary the best performance computers and causing the formation has been explored journalists like Google search for all data.

After flagging all data in a few minutes to work on it, which is the role of the individual in those companies that have brought questions about the name every front, where the money is coming from? Where is the money? What is the legal structure?

In general, the offshore company to offshore companies is not illegal but is widely considered a step forward in business deals.

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