March 08, 2016

American Presidential Election 2016 - Adults Only

In the race for the presidential nomination in the United States, we now get to hear a lot of profanity, sex and ham handedly indicators hinted terms. The question is whether we are telling the leaders that they took an interest in politics.  I can say that the children did?

Many viewers have expressed the distress over the dissemination of political discussions phrases and gestures suggestions.

Donald Trump was subjected to Megan Kyle funny at the end of the first debate of the Republican Party

Linda Sarsr says that today Muslim parents should keep their children away from political discourse.

Some parent’s view the latest debate between Republican candidates on live TV channel were suffering slightly embarrassed sitting in front of their children. Donald Trump when parents were on the same afraid suddenly started his talking about his hands during the debate.

The background is that the 1980s decade a magazine was wrote that the Donald Trump, tiny fingers of recession and ah man.

In American presidential election 2016 debate Republican made a few days before the party candidate Marco Rubio. Donald Trump remembers this phrase about the people during the election campaign in the state of Virginia. So then I started Donald Trump made him the target of ridicule when he himself was of the stature of Marco Rubio repeatedly.

'Are you ever see the hand of (Donald Trump) Marco Rubio said in a speech to his workers? You know what they say about a person with smaller hands. I think that you can not trust anyone.

He said a few days after Donald Trump gave up during the debates and waving his hand toward the people, "Marco Rubio spoke about my hands. If my hands are small and a little something, but I assure you that I have no problem with it. I assure you.

New Jersey resident Michelle lbrtn the town of Maple Shade told a News TV channel: "I was watching the debate with my thirteen year old daughter. When Donald Trump was the response that I have looked back my daughter, my daughter who are naive about what Donald Trump in my mind?

Many other viewers like Michelle also expressed his displeasure in this regard. The NBC political analyst Tracy poets connected wrote on Twitter that "I do not need to repeat Donald Trump manhood thing.

Before the debate should also see a large number of parents have started a political discussion and debate whether they are able to think small children during the campaign?

If you forget the fact that the candidates were to type phrases on each other, then you will do what Donald Trump said that he was linked to Kelly Megan journalist at the time Fox News when she was asked repeatedly Trump. Donald Trump said that the bleeding of Megan Kelly, I do not know where it is.

The Donald Trump was making fun of a reporter regarding physical and other candidates Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich had let each other sweat and blamed the wet trousers.

US expert psychologist Stephen salzman Harvard Medical School says Children linked to that view is the first time in my memory that I have to keep this in mind that there was no political discussion or debate sit down with their children I can not.

"We do not have any method or standard by which we can tell to a ten-year-old child that why is a presidential nomination candidate openly characteristics to their physical and potency and that is what.

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