November 15, 2015

US intelligence officials

US intelligence officials 54 thousand twitter Accounts and personal number has been disclosed.
British hacker group of ISIS hacked various intelligence agencies of the US government emails and their password to hack account free and have no proof.

 According to British newspaper reports, in UK City Birmingham hacker group called ''cyber caliphate’’ have hacked American’s CIA, FBI, National Security Agency, officers and senior officials of Britain and Saudi Arabia twitter accounts. Last week, more than 54 thousand numbers were hacked by hackers group. It has been disclosed in twitter Posts by Personal Mobile. Hackers group said in his message that he acted Junaid Hussein's Iraq in August; the group leader of the attack was to avenge the death. Hackers group urged his followers to their accounts in favor of Iraq to pave use.

Junaid Hussain said in the report in August last year, Blair had gained access to the e-mail account. Junaid's computer hacking division lead before his widow Sally Jones ''Mrs. Tarry'' was known in Britain toward Iraq as the most dangerous British had known. Junaid's death Group not online for term basis, but once we arrived that it was a tweet last Sunday an opening. This is the tweet hacker’s usual names before, but this time they were all online the red words 'Islamic hackers' this message was written with us in the heart of Europe will raise its flag but it may take us a year.

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