November 30, 2015

Girl will not do anything

Northwest China criticized for being a college in which students read to stay away from sex Testament was asked to sign.
According to the website China Economic Daily, in Changzhi City  of Shanxi Province, a course in educational college, NO REGRETS YOUTH ‘means’ Youth without regret" over the class 'commitment card' is used.

Chinese social media several times on the card images is shared.

Card says: "I myself, my family, friends, I promise that the husband and children of married life before beginning a sexual relationship then would be taken place."
These words are strictly written for the signature of the students who desired to complete her education course.

Also in the cards after the wedding, her husband having sex with another person to commit not included.

Sexual relations without marriage promises to be established in the year 1990 were generally in US state of American’s colleges, but are not common in China.

College students’ complaints from the media, many peoples 'having old rating thoughts' is criticized.

A popular social networking site in Chinese sina weibo reads: "It is difficult to imagine that within the twenty first century are often used such words in college and educational institutes.

Another man says that having sex or who do not wish to be a man. Why is someone to promise? It is a university, it's annoying. "

Some people on the other side of this is no problem, but the fact that they are objecting to sign it because the boys are not.

Social media was a person, it is a great job, but it was not included in the boys? '

Another wrote that "men should be signed, it is not sexist?’

Related college a teacher, China Economic Daily, was talking to him and it did not expect such strong reactions that the card was introduced for the benefit of students

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