October 25, 2015

Once again another mistake

On Iraq without UN consent of the US and British invasion of the matter is dead after twelve years of global conscience’s floating dead on the surface again and again and again and again it comes ashore bamboo I have to push through the deep waters of indifference.

As a result of this invasion if Iraq becomes a peaceful, democratic country and the area around the 'intention to experience' being enlightened by two thousand three a result of the removal of Saddam Hussein'sgovernment not remembered the attack on Iraq, which he tore packages vary sized fled out of the Lamb, and now they are again one destroy from here to there.

Establishment of the US invasion of Iraq is seen as an analytical error, but the folly official recognition and apology are unlikely in the near future. But even if Bush will flip the care on the idea that the U. S. did in Iraq from the divine pleasure

However, his partner, former British Prime Minister TonyBlair, at least until it has come to recognize that I apologize to the intelligence reports that Iraq was wrong, I apologize that I think people misunderstand What happens after the change of government in Iraq, but Saddam Hussein's removal from power of the act is to apologize.

American news network CNN in an interview ten years living in British Prime Minister Tony Blair said Iraq even if Saddam remains in power, like the victims of the civil war. But Blair also says that what is happening today in Iraq, including the responsibility to some extent rests on the events of two thousand three.

It is good that the Bush Tony Blair, albeit partial responsibility but are only estimates, but the entire country after wasting a mistake I am sorry to say what is enough?

If a home in London or Washington neighborhood just a suspicion that a serial killer bullet-hole cut was hiding and that it was not known if the British and American society, law and insurance company I merely 'I am sorry to say that the pardon?

If you have to sell half a million African slaves brought from Hiroshima, Nagasaki, humble bloody partition of India, Vietnam khdyrny, opponents killer Suharto regime in Indonesia million arms sale, the de facto recognition of Israel's occupation, cold in times of war, in the grip of authoritarian corrupt third world, Africa stands to aparthayyd drmy the damy, Afghanistan and across the face of ammunition for a whole Libya Gaddafi's victims, including the middle and not be What is happening now in Asian nation the worth of this one, 'I am sorry'?

If this is justice, then this great country, great value and great civilization are beaten for preaching what? I this is such wisdom, then for what needs Bush or Tony Blair or the like to be reminded?

I guess where you bring destruction and death in their wake millions of people who die but those countries, societies and individuals have a responsibility to restore the lives? If the posturing the wrong way and build up the waste and destruction of the burden? And you stand out on a new adventure after ten years mistake to say that I was then.

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