October 19, 2015

Homeland racist TV show

The mind plays with the help of graffiti. America's popular TV shows 'Homeland' shown during an episode of the Arabic language program, the messages were written in graffiti.
This set Sunday aired episode was shown and a camp for Syrian refugees in Lebanon messages imagery, were written on the walls of the set.

It artists to compose messages, that the messages written in Arabic on the set of the show. According to their prejudiced ideas about Arabs and Muslims drama reflects.

Graffiti artists in the messages that he had written: "Homeland is racist" and "Homeland is nonsense. He said that last June the refugee camp they were told to write graffiti on the set of 'real.

Artists said in a statement, in the beginning, he wanted to write messages to the show, but he "considered that the intervention of a moment in the show, and many people can show political dissatisfaction."

He says: "We got a chance to show their position in the show."

The artist says that his work on the show to anyone who did not bother to verify the contents of graffiti and that the set designers did not have time to pay attention to them.

Some of the show's fans also reflected in the Pakistan capital Islamabad were enraged.

Moreover, he was also angry that show the name of a terrorist character named US ambassador in Pakistan was very similar.

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