August 08, 2015

Why did Jon Stewart leave the daily show

"I'm just in the state of New Jersey," Stewart.
Maybe this teary show of humility, most of the exhibition explains focuses more on the people who created it. Stewart and his team focused on the people who work behind the scenes to show for a lifetime.
Jon Stewart entered the building, that is, and the introduction of a spectator, is probably the first time for the makeup artist for the book support team, graphic, Funeral sweet, not only for the men at the table, but for the people who came in every episode.

But it's always in Stuart. The game was the final touch, the actor who has been a catalyst of liberal and reliable anchor for a moral compass. When we laugh away the pain and the stupidity of the world's problems - but it makes sense for them - there was Stewart.

It was not always perfect, and hell, it is not always fun. Given a world that repeats the new painful and his name is often bleak for honesty. And what it is good in this situation as well.

Presentation ended with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street played "Land of Hope and Dreams" and "Born to Run". Because, well, that's show, there is no such thing as the Full Circle all.

Stewart Daily Show closed chapter in Europe. But they do not give up the last episode, a small piece of armor Stewartian to keep us in recent times the audiences around the world.

"The best defense is vigilance against stupidity," he advised. "Even if you feel something, say something."

But Stewart delivered, still works for the past 16 years and older. But this is not goodbye. He left the bar. Probably we will see in front of us.

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