May 01, 2015

Starbucks opened Thursday morning on April 30, 2015 in New York City

Beverages same size as usual, but of course, not Starbucks stores.
This is good, but almost a quarter of the size of Starbucks and severely distorted the traditional menu and Starbucks.
In this respect, salads and sandwiches for lunch (they are much larger) or Frappuccinos here.

In addition, well known cup of coffee, at Starbucks or cooking equipment brokerage, No food or drink Starbucks Card is not just to sell products. However, expects the company to become a leader Grosser. Despite its size, it looks very elegant. Ornamental trees and, bright gold letters. Wall Street money talks.

Starbucks first store in New York Express is one of the smallest crew spaces. 50 square meters, to be exact. What does the customer want to think much better in New York?

Welcome to express the first Starbucks landscape. This is contrary to the Stock Exchange in New York, Wall Street opened Thursday morning. The Starbucks,  in the least. Quickly moved to the next is almost sold out. This will allow you to go and ask the barista mail, even though you are paying online spreadsheet born barista greets.

Even there is no chair. No table. Even there is No toilet. But if you want the walls to lean on a railing that surrounds the reception. Some hooks are coats and bags. And yes, free wireless Internet access.

This may or may not be the future of Starbucks. Four New York scheduled to begin this year. Geography and demography Starbucks operate in a wide variety of small and large formats between the two tests. But you need to perform work while the so-called "third" by no means.

In third place is still the modern way. Starbucks has a lot of other products.

Express Starbucks stores in New York and Chicago, in the densely populated market works best, but a lot of people will work on the road in some markets. "

However, expensive, branded Starbucks drinks are sold in a retail location, the library looks like a bargain.

Location:   Starbucks New York City

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