April 21, 2015


Suppose relax on the couch in the piano bar with luxury furnishings and fresh flowers filled with getting a hand massage. Your lashes also declare that it is "reasonable" in a small bar of silicon. Welcome to THE BROW BAR *, the AUSSIE GIRLS PLACE,
where I was when waxing appointments are something to see (and we will contact silicon rod short).

I must say that my experience with the front and professionals worldwide algae is relatively new. As an adult with good hand-eye coordination, I always thought that eyebrow that you can do for me, but after a few friends recommended brow bar; Curiosity has me.

This is my second visit to the top panel. The first time when I was a forehead lift, education, recommended for beginners as it is, so that each boat (sorry, enter the eyebrows). So I can touch version (breakfast Express eyebrows), which still needs a lot of attention - wax, dye, tweezers and eyebrow pencil all the participants of the war against stray hair. If you do not think it's possible for someone to spend happy to focus only on the eyebrows 30 minutes, and you should not even met Angel yet.

After two events, I was pleasantly surprised at how much difference for cleaning the front. As much as I tried to convince myself that I have eyes Rowe whole situation is that I am clean and well rested when my goal is more Olivia Wilde (right eyebrow). Now back to the silicone rods: Lash Lift. I was very excited, because I know that the treatment is even possible / available (and I've read a lot about the beauty). In fact, it is for the protection of permanent eyelash extensions, the first moisturizer that sight under the lash. Algae and paste to a small curved rod continuously applying a solution of silicon algae. None of this is generally inconvenient or painful. If you're wondering what it looks like, you're in luck.

Although! All solutions relaxing music by ear and, hand massage. Seven minutes faster than anything removal and voila! Your eyelashes are not exactly the best work seems Curling: strange loops and wrinkles!

 The best part, they endure. Eyelash curler, usually something that is not from time to time "of special makeup" (weddings, data, etc.) may be impaired. Post Lash always try to pick up even do without the mask. Despite my efforts
Matisse region is still very unstable, so I think the results are even more impressive in person naturally long eyelashes.

Share results take about two weeks, and I must say that I am completely engulfed me. I could get used to waking up that way.

Location: The Brow Bar (see all locations here)

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