April 01, 2015

American Girl Place is not our normal practice

Day 2012 We went to the American Girl Place each New Year to celebrate the birth of my daughter. We went to New York, Kansas City, Dallas and Los Angeles today.
Actually I do not mind waiting an hour in line to go to the store along with the crowd is not so bad when shopping. Estimates of experience, mostly about our experience. We had booked from everything and just waited hour after our reservation to be able to dining room. The first time I was in, and I said that I should expect to walk for 15 minutes, and the dinner was too late. The employee was very rude and I got the impression that he wanted to cancel the booking only. When he started dating other people over five minutes later and told us that when, shortly after 5:30 open the door checked. I do not hide in the open 06:30. Our waiter was very annoying. We ask you to remove it before the board to make a birthday cake, and he left a bag of goodies for girls. If this was my first time there, I do not understand, but I knew that, so when my check, I asked where they were. My daughter is upset that his wrist was born crown this year. I'm sure it probably worked. They tried to end dinner, all free drinks, but did not say will be displayed at the beginning of a meal, or we can buy something good, and our waiter told us that they have given free drinks. I just heard another waiter tell the table next to us and test our method. I went into the dining room for tea Los Angel's in the past and it was a great experience. I hope this was an isolated experience, if not a very good impression on friends of my daughter and her mother, who was there for the first time and was going to eat there. Food was very bad, and the cake was great, the worst experience of American girls, however. : (..

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