March 27, 2015

11 of the worst women in history

11 of worst women in history
Traditionally, women were considered "fair sex". Remember the old saying that the girls "made of sugar and spice and everything nice?" Well, to prove the woman is not always true.
Throughout history, women have a few points to a very different side to the "fair sex" stereotype. It is not surprising that people are not the only people who have committed atrocities, but because they are often the people central story book in history, the contributions of people - good or bad - is Also do not agree with the utmost attention. But many women, especially mothers, women, strong women, rich women, even beautiful women, has already managed to do its fair share to prove that women can be a terrible, terrible management crimes in spite (or perhaps in spite of) the limits already passed them.

Maybe some women who fell directly on the wrong side of history, legend store (perhaps wrongly?) If the tyrannical and bloodthirsty leaders. Other women on the list angry because of the crimes they have committed no doubt cold, and in some cases, have gotten away with. Legendary Royalty rich heirs with dark secrets, try Manic women exploit innocent people, women have always prove women are not always "everything nice."

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